Norwegian: major sjt. bakkevedlskv.


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At the end of an officer evaluation document from the Norwegian army (from the early 2000s), there is a signature from a superior officer, followed by his rank:

major sjt. Bakkevedlskv.

”bakkevedlskv.” = ?

Based on the evidence I've found so far, it's possible that this should be parsed as ”bakke” + ”vedl.” + ”skv.” – but I'm no closer to understanding what ”vedl.” or ”skv.” stand for.

Thanks for any help

(One other thing: the ”s” in ”bakkevedlskv.” is smudged in the original PDF that this comes from – perhaps it should be read as a different letter.)
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    Itʼs quite a word, but my guess is Bakkevedlikeholdsskvadron, as in the following section from this job advertisement:
    Fagarbeider ivaretar teknisk etterforsyning ved Bakkevedlikeholdsskvadron i 138 Luftving. Det innebærer oppfølging av driftslager Kjøretøyverksted i tillegg til understøttelse av Luftvernteknisk- og Bakkeutstyrsavdeling. Materiellmengden i 138 Luftving er voksende, noe som medfører et stort behov for kontinuerlig oppfølging av eksisterende driftslager og materiellmengde.


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    I agree. In other words, it can be translated as "ground maintenance squadron".

    This makes sense if the officer works in the Air Force. They presumably need specialists to maintain the planes, while other people can take care of maintenance on the ground. Besides, the term "skvadron" is used in the Air Force, but I don't think it is used in the Army.