Norwegian: -messig [suffix?]


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I've seen this on a couple of words now, ernæringsmessig, regelmessig, and most recently helsemessig, which is in the following context:

Grønnkål er en av de mest fantastiske og trendy ingrediensene vi har. Denne kålsorten har mange helsemessige fordeler, og du kan innlemme den i kostholdet ditt på mange forskjellige måter.

My thinking is it must be some kind of suffix, and it looks to be used on nouns used as adjectives, but is that all it is, something that makes a noun an adjective? If not, what does it mean?
  • Svenke

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    Yes, -messig is a suffix used on nouns to make adjectives. It corresponds to some degree to English -wise, in terms of, having to do with, -like:

    helse > helsemessig ≈ health > healthwise
    by > bymessig ≈ town > townlike (urban)
    forhold > forholdsmessig ≈ relation > relative(ly)
    erfaring > erfaringsmessig ≈ experience > based on experience
    regel > regelmessig ≈ regularity (rule) > regular
    miljø > miljømessig ≈ environment > environmental

    etc. etc.


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    I think it's more common these days to add "-messig" to all kinds of words. "Velværemessig" (= in terms of well-being) just came into my head, and I thought "Can you say that? I've never said it" and was a bit surprised to find quite a few hits on Google. I doubt if anyone used that 50 years ago. I don't think I'd recommend putting "-messig" on lots of words, because "ordinary people" don't do that. There are unfortunately a number of educators, psychologists, etc. in Norway who use "high-falutin" words when talking to parents who work in factories, drive lorries, etc. and I wouldn't put it past some of them to use "velværemessig" when talking to parents of a child with problems, instead of saying more normal things like "Ja, gutten har det ikke så bra". :mad: Rant over!


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    I've seen this on a couple of words now

    I think it's safe to say that this suffix is extremely versatile and combinations are essentially endless as it is a quick way of saying 'in terms of' as Svenke said, 'as far as'... 'with respect to' etc. There are definitely more common and officially accepted adjectives with -mæssig (DK)/-messig (NO) but people can be quite creative and make up 'interesting' combinations, times a little tongue in cheek.