Norwegian: 'oppvarmer'

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    I wonder how to translate the word 'oppvarmer' to English.

    Like in this sentence: 'Før den verdenskjente komikeren trådte på scenen var vår egen Konrad Nilsen oppvarmer. Han fikk publikum til å løsne på snippen og hyle av latter, og gjorde dermed jobben sin.'

    In Norwegian Wikipedia they have the word 'oppvarmingsband' which I thought might lead me to 'oppvarmer', but there's no English translation to the word 'oppvarmingsband' either.

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    It depends a bit on what the function of the first act was.

    A warm-up act or warm-up person is used before a performance which is going to be recorded or broadcast. Their role is to get the audience "warmed up" and ready for the main act. The warm-up act happens before the recording or broadcast starts.

    Oppvarmingsband might be a support band, i.e. a lesser-known band who appear in a concert before the main act, but you'd need to look at the functions of the two and see if they correspond.
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    Here in the U.S. the expression "warm-up act" can up used to describe the first performer even if the main act (also called featured or headline act) isn't going to recorded or broadcast.

    It is more common in the U.S. to call the first band that performs at a concert the "opening band" or "opening act."

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