Norwegian: s[t]ar Kr. 105, Dem/Drm 117,71


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Som Gotaas vel har underrettet dig om, har han omsendt mig fra dig en Vexel fraa Andersen, s[t]ar Kr. 105. Jeg har hævet den og kjöpt i Kreditbanken Anvisning paa München, Dem/Drm 117,71. hvilken Vexel jeg hermed omsender dig.

This is taken from a letter written to a Norwegian living in Munich in 1878. I'm having trouble with the handwriting and figuring out how to translate this. I'm struggling with words like "omsender," "anvisning" as well as the underlined passages above. This is my attempt:

As Gotaas has likely informed you, he has sent me a bill of exchange from you from Anderson, ---- 105 kroner. I have withdrawn it and bought authorization in the credit bank from Munich, ----- 117.71, which bill of exchange I send you here.

Takk på forhånd!
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    The first is most probably "stor Kr. 105", 'of the size of 105 kroner'. The second might be short for deutsche Mark, since Munich is involved?

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