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  1. Utopian Universe

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    In the sentence
    Mannen som sitter i Det hvite hus ser ikke ut til å ha skjønt alvoret.
    what exactly does the verb se ut til mean?
    In the dictionary I could only find the verb with propositions over and som, but not til.
    PS. Why is Det written in upper case?
  2. Bokfinken Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Å se ut til means appear to. "The man in the White House doesn't appear to have understood the gravity."

    The upper case D is due to the White House (Det hvite hus) being a proper noun.
  3. Utopian Universe

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    Ah! That explains. Tusen takk :)
  4. tewlwolow

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    Note also that the proper nouns use ages-old Danish simple definiteness in addition to uppercase: Det hvite hus= the White House (a particular place).

    Regular nouns use dobbelt bestemthet (dobbel binding) instead: det hvite huset = the white house (a definite version of a white house).

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