Norwegian: sende over alle

Jeg heter Anderson

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Hello my friends

In that sentence:

Har du ikke sjekket e-posten din i dag? Jeg sendte over alle dokumentene i går kveld.

In this structure "jeg sendte over alle" ...I didn't understand the meaning, could someone help me understand?

Tusen takk
  • raumar

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    Maybe you read this sentence the wrong way. It is not "sendte over alle", but "[sendte over] [alle dokumentene]".

    "Alle dokumentene" just means "all the documents".

    "Sende over" is the same as "send over" in English: "To dispatch something to someone or some other location", see: send over

    In Norwegian, you can use either "sende over" or "oversende". They have the same meaning, but "oversende" is more formal.