Norwegian: som da tilkommer skyldneren

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by jm88, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. jm88 Senior Member

    Oslo, Norge
    Det er i Dekningsloven
    § 8-1. Motregning. Hovedregel. Jeg forstår ikke hva betyr "da" her, kan du hjelpe meg?

    Ha en forsatt god jul! :)
  2. Cerb Senior Member

    Norwegian - Bokmål
    "Which in that case.. " is the best translation of "som da" I can think of considering the context. From my own (limited) experience learning how to read laws the important part here is to understand the text as a "if A, then B" with the considerations/requirements the text states and perhaps even more importantly the current practice for said law when it comes to studying law.
  3. jm88 Senior Member

    Oslo, Norge
    Nå skjønner jeg, tusen takk, Cerb!

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