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I dag er jeg stolt, glad og ikke så lite ydmyk. Nominasjonskomiteen har nominert meg på plass nummer to på stortingsvalglista for Rødt Buskerud ved neste års stortingsvalg....
Buskerud har i dag 9 stortingsrepresentanter, og jeg tror det skal velges 8 stykker fra fylket neste år.

I'm not sure what stykker refers to here. Is it referring to the representatives or to sections of the county to be represented or what?

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    "Stykke" is here a noun that you can use for anything (people or objects) that is being counted - in this case representatives. The candidate could have said "jeg tror det skal velges 8 stortingsrepresentanter fra fylket neste år", but presumably wanted to avoid repeating this word. Or, he/she could just have said "jeg tror det skal velges 8 fra fylket neste år".

    The reason why Buskerud has 9 MPs today and will elect 8 MPs in the 2021 election, is that the distribution of seats between constituencies is revised every eighth year to adjust for population changes.