Norwegian/Swedish/Lithuanian/Latvian/Slovene/Serbo-Croatian: tonal mispronunciation


Hello. This is a question regarding all pseudo-tonal languages (i.e., those that feature phonemic pitch accent) of Europe (e.g. Norwegian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovene and Serbo-Croatian). How often is it the case that you mispronounce a word using an incorrect toneme (or that you witness another native do that)? I'm talking about, for example, names of places that you've never heard of or a loanword that's not used very often but nevertheless has an established pronunciation in the standard variety of your language. I know that what I'm describing is just a specific instance of mispronunciation, but I'd still like to hear about your experiences.

I'm also fully aware about dialectal variation in all of these languages so let's just assume that we're talking about two or more speakers of the same dialect of any given language, not necessarily all of them.
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