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    Hello everyone,
    How do you say "traffic infringement notice" in Norwegian
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    Hello Nicklas, and welcome to the forum.

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    Please also include some more information about what a "traffic infringement notice" is. I am not sure what it means - is it a traffic fine? If so, there are several possible translations: bot, forelegg, forenklet forelegg, gebyr etc, so we need to know excactly what the English term means, to find the corresponding Norwegian word.
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  3. nicklas# New Member

    Thanks Raumar,

    < --- > "Traffic infringement notice" I meant is like "traffic violation notice" that you get when you violate traffic rules
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  4. raumar Senior Member

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    I am afraid that does not help me very much - both "traffic infringement notice" and "traffic violation notice" looks like technical, legal terms to me, and I am not sure of the exact meaning of these concepts. But OK, let me try to explain the different Norwegian concepts.

    Gebyr is the mildest reaction. Legally, it is not considered to be a punishment (it literally means "fee" or "charge"). You can get a gebyr for illegal parking, or driving without using your seat belt, for example. To make it clear what kind of gebyr it is, we use compound names like parkeringsgebyr, bilbeltegebyr, and so on. Trafikkgebyr may be a common term.

    Forelegg comes in two versions: a simplified version - forenklet forelegg - and an ordinary version. You can get a forenklet forelegg for speeding, (unless the speed is too high), or for not obeying a traffic sign, for example. If you accept the forenklet forelegg on the spot when the police officer stops you, the matter is settled, and you will not be registered in the Fine Register. If you don't accept it, the case will be considered by a police lawyer, and you may get an ordinary forelegg.

    Bot means fine, and trafikkbot is a traffic fine. Legally speaking, a gebyr is not a bot - but most people don't make this distinction in everyday speech.

    If you can read Norwegian, you'll find more information about these concepts here:
    Lovbrudd og reaksjoner
    Gebyrer, bøter og andre straffereaksjoner

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