Nos hubiera descubierto

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  1. liviluck New Member

    I'm in a bit of a muddle of pronouns and the use of them and I was wondering if someone could help.

    Firstly, what would be the difference in meaning between:

    'Nos hubiera descubierto' and 'Hubieramos descubierto'

    Also, how would the meaning change depending on whether 'nos' is an indirect or direct pronoun in the context?

    Many thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Biffo Senior Member

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    Here's a clue.

    nosotros == we
    nos = us

    (2) if a verb ends in "-amos" we know what the missing pronoun is

    (3) if a verb ends in "-iera" we know that the pronoun cannot be "we"
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  3. Quique Alfaro

    Quique Alfaro Senior Member

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    Hubiéramos descubierto...
    We would have found...

    Nos hubiera descubierto. (nos is direct object here)
    We would have been found (by him)
    He would have found us.

    Nos hubiera descubierto el rastro. (nos is indirect object here)
    It would have found our trail.
  4. liviluck New Member

    Thank you, that's very helpful!

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