nos partimos la madre

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    What was the context? It may have more than one meaning (We kicked each other's ass, we busted our asses for you, we worked our asses off for you ...), need context to answer accurately ... and welcome to the forum by the way.

    Joel Luesse

    "We worked our asses off for you " fits perfectly in the context of the scene in the movie. Thanks for helping. I really appreciate it.


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    I concur with Boca. "Nos partimos la madre para ti" is a very mexican way to say: "trabajamos para tu bienestar", "trabajamos para que estés bien" or simply "trabajamos para ti". And one observation: if you use "por", instead the preposition "para":

    "Nos partimos la madre por ti".

    Then you would be saying: "We fought because of you" (as when two guys are fighting for the same girl's love).

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