Nostalgia for a place or time you've never been to

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    Alright, so, it's been 9 years and your curiosity and burning desire to learn the term has probably gotten so great that it's likely exceeded your brain's capacity to even remember that it was even a thing (or you already learned it), but, the term is Anemoia.


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    Hello folks. Does anyone happen to know if there's a term for a phenomenon (or maybe 'psychological condition':eek:) whereby a person feels nostalgia for a place he's never been to or a time he's never lived in?

    I can't think of anything to add, really, to this remarkably short question.
    Kaukokaipuu: People of, say, Irish descent who have never actually been to the country of their ancestry may still experience an unexpected ache for it, as if they miss it — a strange, contradictory sort of feeling, as you can’t really miss someplace you’ve never been. But the Finnish recognize that the emotion exists, and they gave it a name: kaukokaipuu, a feeling of homesickness for a place you’ve never visited. It can also mean a kind of highly specified version of wanderlust, a “craving for a distant land” — dreaming from your desk about some far-off place like New Zealand, or the Hawaiian Islands, or Machu Picchu, with an intensity that feels almost like homesickness.

    I stumbled across this whilst researching another phenomena. A few years ago I was quite stuck on this myself, so I had to sign up just to save you some agony. So from one Brit to another, rest easy my friend.


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    I believe the word you’ve all been looking for is anemoia. It’s a fairly new term but It means:

    a nostalgic sense of longing for a past you yourself have never lived. It is nostalgia for the “good ol' days”

    Hope this is good!


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    It was suggested back in post #72 of this thread. What's the name for a thread that goes round in circles?
    It's called yarn, either as in yarn knitted in the round or as in a sailor's story.

    The Past is a Foreign Country by David Lowenthal is very interesting book about how we view the past. He uses simply 'nostalgia' for how we think of places and times we've never experienced (for instance '60s-themed parties held by people not yet born then).