not a few vs quite a few


Hi, everyone:

Could you please tell me the difference between "not a few" or "quite a few"?

Best wishes?
  • "quite a few" actually means the same as "quite a lot"
    I don't know why, but that's how it's commonly used.
    I've never heard anyone say "not a few" though.
    Hly,do you know the widely spread expression:
    I have quite a few friends=I have a lot of friends.
    Thank you all:)

    I just want to find a phrase which modifies a noun and negate "few/not many" to express "many"
    So I wonder if "not a few" is ok.

    "Not a few people disagree".

    From your posts, I guess "quite a few" means "quite a lot". Well, in this case, I just want to say "not a few" and thus not necessarily "quite a lot".