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    Hi everybody,
    I'm translating a book where two young people are acting as matchmakers and helping their friends to date.
    They are sitting at a dinner table.
    "He was staring at them as if they were the strangest thing on Earth. Until I kicked him. Plan B couldn't come a moment too soon."
    What does the phrase mean, exactly?
    thank you veeeeryy much
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    It means that the speaker/narrator felt that there was an urgent need to put Plan B into operation. Plan A (everything that had happened up to then) had obviously failed. Most probably, no one had prepared a detailed "Plan B"; the expression often means "new tactics", and this appears to be the case here. To be more specific, I would need to know who "I" and "he" were. Who were the friends? Who was the matchmaker?
  3. sound shift sounds spot on
  4. ciop Senior Member

    "I" is the girl-matchmaker, "he" is her boyfriend and the two arranged a dinner for two others to meet.
    thank you for the promptness, too.

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