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  1. blacklabel Senior Member

    Cosa significa questa frase che sembra essere usata per dire qualcosa al di fuori del contesto? Tipo passare a fare un altro esempio che riguarda lo stesso argomento? Il significato può essere "non è tutto"?

  2. Paulfromitaly

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    Dove sono la frase ORIGINALE e il contesto?
  3. blacklabel Senior Member

    La frase originale, (quindi il contesto) non l'ho messo perchè non ti fa capire cosa potrebbe voler dire, almeno non a me....Cioè sembra un espressione che si possa utilizzare non solo per un argomento ma per svariati.
    Quindi l'ho considerato superfluo.

    Comunque ecco qui:

    I'm not after the Pope. By the same token,when it's the Pope, I don't pause
    to make a joke. Okay, he's just a man. He puts his dress on one leg at
    a time like everybody else.He's not holier than us 'cause he,you know, wears a costume. I can buy a pointy hat. I just don't. Okay. But I'm not mad
    at the Pope for that. He wasn't a Nazi. But what I'm mad at him for is going to the continent most ravaged by AIDS and telling them they couldn't use condoms. So don't tell me religion doesn't do any actual harm. All right.
    Not a rally. Thank you. Not a rally. Here's another example...Very practical. Close to the home. Stem cell research.
  4. blacklabel Senior Member

    Nessuno? :(
  5. rrose17

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    Very funny (I particularly like He puts his dress on one leg at a time like everybody else.) It's really hard to know for sure what the speaker is getting at with the word rally but I think he's objecting to the large crowds that the pope was drawing in England. Is that possible? A rally can be a large gathering of people to listen or praise someone or something.
  6. byrne Senior Member

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    Ok I'll try, but it's hard to say as we don't know who is speaking to whom and where. But it might mean something like,

    Non è un comizio.... non si tratta di un comizio (raduno politico)
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  7. CPA Senior Member

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  8. blacklabel Senior Member

    Si scusate è Bill maher comico e conduttore televisivo, e qui in pratica sta facendo uno spettacolo "But I'm not wrong"

    Quindi: "non è un comizio" è la traduzione giusta?
  9. byrne Senior Member

    English - UK (Londoner)
    I think it might be, as there was a lot of talk about the protests and rallies before and during the Pope's visit to the UK, so maybe he is being "ironic/funny" by proclaiming that his show is not one of "those" anti Pope demonstrations...

    But he's American and I don't know if he was refering to this Pope and this visit to the UK so I'm just guessing really...

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