not at the same time as (meaning of the sentence?)


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Here's the conversation right at the start.
A: Can you play the sax?
B: Yes, I can. How's that?
A:Fantastic! I can't play an instrument but I can sing. What other instruments can you play?
B: I can play the guitar and the piano - but not at the same time as the sax.

I can't make head nor tail of the part in bold. Here are my interpretations of it:
1. She can play the guitar and the piano at the same time i.e the hands are for the guitar and the feet for the piano or whatever parts of her body. But she can't play the guitar and the sax or the piano and the sax at the same time. (what a genius!)
2. She can play the guitar and the piano at a certain time of the day, say 3 pm, but she can't play the sax at that time. (but this is a silly answer to a question about your ability to play an instrument.)

I'd appreciate your help.
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    It's a joke. She's saying that she's extremely versatile. She's pretending that she can play the piano and the guitar at the same time in order to say that she is very versatile.

    Just in case you didn't get the point, she adds that even for her, a third instrument would be too much.
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