not be/ be not


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The followingexample is taken from
Quirk etal.(1985). I think that "be not" is old-fashioned. I would like to know if I am right or not.

(1) The Senate has decreed that suchstudents not be/ be not exempted from college dues.


  • wind-sky-wind

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    He is not ...
    They are not ...
    but "not be," as in "it will not be ..."

    In this case, this is the American subjunctive (subjunctive present).
    In that-clauses preceded by the verbs like "suggest/demand/recommend,"
    you use the subjunctive present form of the verb, which equals the root form.
    And in the negative form, you put "not" before the verb.

    So, I think it should be "not be."
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