Not every wildness of heart you can tame

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  1. greczynka86 New Member


    I need translate english sentence into greek: "Not every wildness of heart you can tame".

    Could anybody help me?

    Thank You!
  2. Tassos

    Tassos Senior Member

    I'd say

    Δεν μπορείς να δαμάσεις κάθε αγριάδα της καρδίας or
    Δεν δαμάζεται κάθε αγριάδα της κάρδιας or
    Δε γίνεται να δαμαστεί κάθε αγριάδα της καρδιάς
  3. greczynka86 New Member

    Thank You very much! And what is the difference between the three of them?
  4. Tassos

    Tassos Senior Member

    The first is the literal translation
    In the second I am using the passive impersonal form of the verb (δαμάζεται), the meaning is more or less the same.
    The third is a more free translation focusing on the impossibility to tame every wild heart. It's stronger than the first two.

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