Not going to eat any more today.

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  1. Tabernero

    Tabernero Senior Member

    Hi all. I'm trying to translate this:

    Yesterday I ate ten apples. I'm not going to eat any more [apples] today.

    But I'm struggling with the second sentence. Here's my attempt:

    昨天我吃了十個蘋果。今天我不再(or 又?) 吃 (任何) 了。

    How would you say it? Thanks!
  2. Muffinmag Member

    I would say...

  3. Muffinmag Member

    sorry, wanted to add... maybe 顆 is a better unit for apples and you can add a 才 if you want to emphasize "just ate"

    我昨天(才)吃了十顆蘋果,今天不會再吃了。(or just 不吃了)
  4. SuperXW

    SuperXW Senior Member

    Just remember this: not...any more=不再...
  5. Jun zhi

    Jun zhi New Member

    Mandarin Chinese
    I would like to say
    In most cases, 又=again
    P.S. Both the units “个”and“颗” are OK. The former is more general,while the latter is more specific.
  6. westwind Senior Member

    I would translate it as:我昨天吃了十个;不想(再)吃了。
    When translating, you need to pay more attention to those nouns and pronouns.
    You don't need to say "apples” one more time if someone asks “would you like some apples(吃苹果吗?or吃个苹果吧)”.(just like in English? )
    You can omit "我" either. You have one in the first sentence.(different from English)
    Also, it is possible to edit "今天" out. When you saying that you ate ten apples yesterday, people know you don't want to eat anymore today.
    Hope it helps.

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