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Hello there,

I try my best to learn english. I am sometimes in king of a need... :)

Today, my question is about the "not good at" use in common langage.

Shoul I say "you are not good at sending emails"
or : "you are not good for sending emails"
or, maybe neither...

What is the correct phrase to say someone or something is not an expert to do something.

Please, correct everything you read wrond in that post, too. I know I'm not fluent in english.

Thanks alot!
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    Welcome to the forum baluchon.
    When using just about any phrase in English, context is really important. Always include context when asking a question. Make sure you read the rules for posting, they really help.
    If you want your friend to know that the emails he/she sends are not very good, you would say "You are not very good at sending emails."
    If you wanted to use your friend for sending emails out, but found he/she didn't have the right skills or good access to a computer, you might say "You are not good for sending emails.
    I have never heard the expression "king of a need", it is not something a native speaker would say. "I really need help." "My needs are great." are ways to express this idea.
    If you were fluent in English, you wouldn't need us, so ask for help when you need it.:)
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    It sounds as if when baluchon said "king of need" he meant kind of need. This isn't idiomatic either perhaps he wanted to say he had a kind of need. To say of somebody that they are not good at sending E-mails may mean that they are incompetent at it so that their messages disappear into the ether or attachments are not sent, it may also mean that they are lazy about replying to them. One wouldn't say this of someone whose E-mails one dislikes or disapproves of.
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