Not if you go,will i go

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Richard Kook

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Korean-Republic of Korea
Hi I am recently studying English grammar by myself

Today i study the chapter about 'inversion'

and i was wondering if this sentence makes sesne

cos' i have never heard of it in dramas or movies something like that

< Not if you go,will i go> is this sentence grammatically correct??

of course i am studying 'inversion' for now , but to me "if you don't go , i will go" is far more famililar

thanks for reading guys ;)
  • lingobingo

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    Using inversion, this would work: Only if you go will I go (= I will only go on the condition that you go too)
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    Richard Kook

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    Korean-Republic of Korea
    I wonder what example you were basing your own (incorrect) sentence on.

    Not even if you go will I go. The inversion works here, but it isn't common in speech.

    This site contains a lot of useful information about the various kinds of inversion, including nagative inversion.
    Random Idea English: Exploring inversion and fronting

    oh hi ;)

    i used this sentence>> <<< I will not go, if you go.>>>>> <<<this one

    i am studying while watching internet lecture

    and the sentence was part of example the lecturer gave me


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    Hi, Richard, We are supposed to write words in full ("because", not "cos'", "you" not "u"...). Note also that the pronoun "I" and the first words of sentences are written in capital letters. :)

    I for one am not sure what you're trying to say in your sentences in #s 1 and 3.
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