not little anymore


-- You like toys?
-- Oh, yes! I mean, no. I liked dolls when I was a kid. But, of course, I'm not little anymore.
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Does that simply mean "I'm not a little boy anymore"?
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    The sentence is definitely correct. Since it does not specify gender, it could refer to either a little girl or a little boy.
    Given that more girls than boys play with dolls in our culture, some readers may assume it refers to a little girl.


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    I just thought that if I said "a little boy" then the speaker could definitely be only a male, I didn't even think it could cause the confusion.:)
    YOU said little boy, and it was clear to you because you knew who was speaking. However, we didn't know you knew that, because you hadn't told us - so we spent time having to find out that you did know:(:)
    Why, I've always provided enough context, haven't I:D
    Many times you do, of course. Sometimes, when you question dictionary definitions, there is no further context. In my comment I meant in the OP, rather than later on in the thread


    Next time I'll be more precise:)

    However, wondering, is really "little" often used predicatively like that? I mean: "The boy/he is little." instead of "He is a little boy"?


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    Yes, it's commonly used.

    "The boy is little," however, generally means he is small in size. "When I was little" and "When I was a little boy/girl" generally mean "When I was young."


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    Do you know his approximate age? We don't:(
    Often, when a boy is growing up he doesn't mind being called a little boy by adults. At some age he feels it is no longer appropriate ti be referred to as little and will vigorously correct anyone who says he's little. The sentence in your example shows he has reached that age, but how far beyond that we don't know. He means "I'm no longer (a) little (boy)"

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