1. joemagnum New Member

    Spanish Spain
    in this conversation:

    A) Sure,
    I'm going to follow instructions from above, but i always like to express my opinion and to be taken into account.

    B) Yes Sir! Not lost on me.

    What does "Not lost on me" refers to? What does it mean?

  2. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    Your explanation of the matter / position on the matter has NOT been LOST ON ME.

    Means that I did not fail (1) to take notice of it, (2) to understand it, and (perhaps, even,) (3) to see its clear worth!

    Sometimes, as in the dialogue in question, the idiom seems to convey all three of these possible stages of meaning at one and the same time.


    P.S. Don't forget to let us know how to express the same idea in Spanish.
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  3. joemagnum New Member

    Spanish Spain

    well, I've realized that what I didn't know either is "lost on me", but thanks also for the explanation.

    I would say this idiom in Spanish would be:
    Formal: "Ya lo he entendido!"
    Informal: "No me he perdido!"
    More informal: "Ya lo he pillado!"

  4. Flamenca80

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    No se me ha pasado
  5. FromPA

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    B is saying that he was aware of A's motivation for asking questions, even though the motive was never previously stated. He understood the unexpressed meaning. The meaning was not missed by (lost on) him even though it wasn't expressed.

    It's interesting (to me, anyway) that the the Spanish verb perder can mean to lose or to miss, and in this case, the English verb to lose is being used as a synonym of miss, which isn't usually the case.

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