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Hello everyone,
Here's a situation -a lot of food in a tray are put on the table.
Each tray consists of a plate of rice, a bowl of soup and a bowl of viand.
Each tray are not equal in terms of quantity. Some trays have more rice,soup and
viand and others are little or not so many. Then at lunch time time, we are ask to get our food of tray.
The in charge of food asked me, which tray do I like, the one with many or the one with little?
I want to say, - I want the one with not so many. / I want the one with little food.
How would I express it in a more natural way?
Thank you so much.
  • owlman5

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    Hi, Bagsensei.

    This sentence should work well. You can use "less food" or "smaller portions":

    I want the tray with less food/smaller portions.
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