Not that I know of vs I don't know about that


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Hi everyone, see following sentences.

A: Is mohit happy with her? ( B was telling A about MOHIT before )

B: Not that I know of

Does " Not that I know of" mean " I don't know about that"?
If not, then what does it means?
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    It's quite a strange way to answer, but what it means is: I have no evidence that she IS happy.

    D D

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    I just made that sentence myself I think, it seemed kind of weird to you. Here's the orignal one. I picked this sentence from Cambridge dictionary.
    "Is she especially unhappy at school?" "Not that I know of."
    What does it mean in above sentence?
    Is it similar to " I don't know about that" or not?


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    They’re not the same.

    “Not that I know of” means “As far as I know, that is not true.”

    “I don’t know about that” means “I have no information on that topic.”


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    Another common way of saying “Not that I know of” is “Not as far as I know”. In the sort of context in which that fits, the related expression “to the best of my knowledge” might also be appropriate (No. To the best of my knowledge, that’s not the case).
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