Not the only one

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Pavel Pin

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Terrorists Maguire and Fergus kidnap Jody with the help of Jude.

Maguire: They've used every trick in the book and he's beginnin' to talk. You're gonna have to do it in the mornin'. You okay about that?

Fergus: I'm a volunteer, am n't I?

Maguire: Good. Beginnin' to have me doubts about you the past few days.

(Jude is standing near to Fergus and Maguire)

Jude: Not the only one.

what is the meaning of "Not the only one"?

Does it means only Maguire, Jude also have doubts about Fergus's behavoir past few days?

Source: The Crying Game 1992
  • Franco-filly

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    English - Southern England
    It's a short form of "You're not the only one" i.e. You [Maguire] are not the only one to have doubts about Fergus's attitude/behaviour." implying "I've been having doubts too"
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