Not the way you've been eating lately

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There is a mother with her two sons.
They are eating dinner.
She is talking to them about some training
course in an hospital out of town. So they might
have to stay alone for two days.
Here is the dialogue: " Mother: I've got an offer to go and do some training
in hospital thats out of town.
You know. So that I can get certified
so I can make some more money.
Little boy: You got enough money.
Mother: Yeah! Not the way you've been eating lately sweetie."
Seems a little weird to me this "Not the way you've been eating lately".
Bye the way, there is no reference in the movie if the boy is eating less or much or whatever. What is she trying to say?
It's the movie "The hole".

  • Sharifa345

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    The boy says she has a lot of money. She replies "not the way you've been eating lately."

    Meaning that he is eating a lot, and therefore she does NOT have a lot of money.
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