not to mention how difficult it is to translate

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I would also leave out the part about "acquaintance" as it sounds kind of stuffy and formal, not to mention how difficult it is to translate

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I can't understand what the author means by the emboldened parts. Could you explain it to me?

Note : I know the meaning of "not to mention...........", but, actually, I don't understand why the author used that part in the sentence.
  • Trisia

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    He says that the reasons to leave out the "aquaintance part" include the fact that:

    1. it's too formal for your context (internet chat), and
    2. the fact that it's a phrase that's quite difficult to translate (I don't know if he meant that it's hard to find the proper wording in English or that it would be diffficult to translate this into hindi). Maybe the poster himself could help you more.


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    "Not to mention..." is an expression that simply means "In addition, consider..." or "Also, think about...".
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