Not Too Far off the Mark for Anyone


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Hi. how are you?

Other people might well disagree with me, but I think I'm not too far off the mark for anyone.

Could anyone please help me understand what "for anyone" here means?


  • cycloneviv

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    Thanks for the context, HSS.

    I suspect the writer might mean "Others may disagree with the way I have interpreted these sentences, but I think they would agree that my interpretations are close to their own."

    That is just my guess, however, and it might be worth asking on the other forum.


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    I agree with cycloveviv.

    I'm familiar with "right on the mark", "close to the mark" and "not too far from/off the mark" as American idioms referring to relative correctness. I've always thought of the "mark" as a sort of target, and the opinion stated as a dart thrown at the target.
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