not trained in climate science

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The expression "not trained in climate science" deals a blow to my confidence of correctly understanding the issue of climate science. Do you native speaks have the same feeling?

Well, the question of this thread is how to properly understand "not trained."

Those involved in the preliminary discussions said it is focused on recruiting academics to conduct a review of the science that shows climate change presents a national security risk.

William Happer, a senior director at the NSC and an emeritus Princeton University physics professor not trained in climate science, is leading the effort.

Source: Scientific American Skeptics Are Being Recruited for "Adversarial" Review of Climate Science
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    That is, the author shows his disproval of Prof. Happier leading the review by pointing out "not trained"?

    Thank you.


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    The author just points to an important fact: the guy has no formal training in the subject he is going to lead a committee on. How is he going to understand the literature, for example?
    There aren't many opinions expressed in that piece but there's no need for that: the facts speak for themselves.
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