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This is my first post here.

I'm introducing my profile in a company's website and under the category "Work Experience", the first field is "Employer" and then comes this on/off tickable square (if you're familiar to internet you probably know what I'm talking about). The text beside the square says "Not under Notice" which is what I don't understand. Then if follows with the "Start Date" and so on...

Can anybody help me? I don't need the translation to spanish if you don't know it but at least an explanation in english... Thanks a bunch!
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    Hola RafaApto:

    "To be under notice" significa "estar despedido", así que imagino que tienes que marcar el cuadro si no has sido despedido de ese trabajo. Es solo una suposición, así que espera otras respuestas.


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    Hi RafaApTo, welcome to the forums. To 'hand in your notice' is to resign from your job. To be 'given your notice' is to be fired from your job (or made redundant). To be 'under notice' means to be serving out the remaining period of employment under one of these conditions.


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    "Not under notice" debe ser chequeado o marcado cuando aún estás trabajando en la em presa o cargo. Esto te deja la fecha final (end date) abierta (open).
    Espero que sirva!
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