1. pachinka

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    Hello everyone!
    I need to know what those terms mean, I'm applying for a job, and I have to check this box for every job experience I mention. Does it mean I'm not currently resigning from this job, or the opposite: that I did quit this job?

    I'm lost here...
    Thank you in advance for your answers!
  2. capfly New Member

    I think it is simply to indicate if you are still in office to date.
  3. Fryegirl4 Member

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    There are at least two possibilities here, neither of which is particularly satisfying.

    First, when you quit a job, you generally give 2 weeks notice. I suppose the box could refer to being within that time period. So 'not under notice' would mean that you are not currently in the process of leaving that job. However, this is a weird question.

    My other thought is that sometimes when you under-perform, you can be put 'on notice' by an employer, meaning that you are on probation or your work is subject to more scrutiny pending a possible termination. This makes a little more sense for this context however it is odd to ask this for every job since it would only apply to the current one.

    Is there any other context? Type of job? Questions before or after?
  4. Glasguensis

    Glasguensis Signal Modulation

    English - Scotland
    Under notice means that you already have a leaving date set by or agreed with your employer. Not under notice means that this has not happened - in other words you are in a CDI with no process started to terminate your contract by either you or your employer.

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