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  1. hichemm Member

    Tunisia, Arabic
    on dirait I haven't received any feed back yet or I still haven't received any feed back ou les deux sont possibles ?

    Happy new Year !
  2. RuK Senior Member

    Outside Paris
    English/lives France
    Les deux sont possibles; feed-back est souvent avec tiret.
  3. spootnikk Senior Member

    France (French)
    Les deux sont possibles, mais il y a une toute petite nuance selon moi:
    haven't received...yet : pas encore dans le sens jusqu'à présent
    haven't still received: pas encore dans le sens toujours pas.
    Je trouve qu'en utilisant still, on traduit un agacement.
  4. Lersec Member

    Y a-t-il une différence entre ces deux phrases ? Laquelle semble la plus juste ?

    I haven’t been able to make their acquaintance yet.
    I still haven't been able to make their acquaintance.

    De même pour des phrases de type : Je ne l'ai pas encore rencontré, Je ne l'ai pas vu... utilisera-t-on plutôt still ou yet ?

  5. Merpero Senior Member

    English-United Kingdom
    I think that your two sentences really have an identical meaning.

    In English "still" and "yet" (in the sense of "encore") are interchangeable.

    Here are 2 more examples for you:

    "I still haven't done the washing up"
    "I haven't done the washing up yet"

    With regard to the position of "still" and "yet" in the sentence

    still ALWAYS comes just after the "I"/"you" (personal pronouns)

    yet i/ either comes just after the "haven't" (auxiliary verb)
    ii/ or: yet can also be put at the very end of the sentence.

    Thus, we can say either
    i/ I haven't yet done the washing up
    ii/ I haven't done the washing up yet

    Other people on the forum may disagree or have further helpful comments to make on this.

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