Nota dell'autore (nda)

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  1. Salve a tutti,

    come si dice in inglese"nota dell'autore"? Nel dizionario ho trovato "author entry", ma non esiste una forma abbreviata, come "nda" in italiano?

    Grazie in anticipo ;)

    Hi everybody,

    how do you translate in English "nota dell'autore"? It's a common expression journalist or writers use, for example, when they are transcribing an interview and they add something to what the interviewee said.

    In the dictionary I found "author-entry", which is exactly what I need, but isn't there an abbreviation? In Italian, for example we use "nda".

    Thanks in advance ;)
  2. miri

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    Author's Note = A/N
  3. tomzenith

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    English - Britain
    [ed.] is very commonly used, but would refer more to an editorial change (not necessarily by the author).
  4. Thanks a lot to both!

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