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My husband and I recently got married in Las Vegas Nevada. We are both Germans and in order to be able to get our marriage registered in Germany we need an apostille to certify that the "certified copy" our marriage certificate is authentic.

We need to fill in a form to request this apostille and there is the possibility of getting a "24 hour expedite" which I want to get because I want to be registered here as soon as possible. But there is a term that I don't understand.

Can you please look at the link:
It says
24 Hour Expedite - 1 to 100 Documents$75 per notary name

Now we are not sure what "per notary name" means.

Our Marriage Certificate has our names on it, the name of our witness, the name of the "official performing marriage", the name of the county clerk and it is signed on the back by the Clark County Recorder to certify that the document is a true and correct copy.

To get our expedite apostille, how much do we have to pay - what/ who is meant exactly by "notary name"?

This would be a great help for us so we can fill in our order form. Thank you so much for your answers!
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    I'm sorry, I don't think we can help you here. This is not really a question of English, and answers would be dangerously close to giving legal advice.

    You should seek clarification from the authority that issues this form.
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