Notation of "million" and "billion" of a currency, in essays


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I am writing an essay, and am curious to know what the best notation for currency values is.

For example, I am looking to write 1.5 million dollars (US Dollars).
What would be an acceptable way to write this?

One way that comes to mind, is USD 1.5 million. But I'm looking for some confirmation.

Thank you so much!
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    Personally? I would write it US$1.5 million. I don't care for the USD of foreign exchange rates -- I like US$. But you can use USD if you feel that it's better in your context.
    If you were writing for a general audience, then I would suggest that you stick to US$. People who work in finance will recognize USD immediately, but others will have to think twice to figure out what you mean by that collection of initials. US$, on the other hand, has an obvious meaning even to people who rarely think about currency in international terms.

    If you're also asking about the notation of numbers, then, yes, US$1.5 million (no space before the number) would be the usual way.
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