Nothing so bold as a blind horse.

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  1. Rivendark New Member

    I am looking for a Greek translation of:

    Nothing so bold as a blind horse.

    I tried using Google translate and this is what it gave me: Τίποτα τόσο τολμηρός ως τυφλό άλογο.
    Is this correct?

    It is for a paragraph in book I am writing, so any help will be appreciated. :)

    Thank you.
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  2. sotos Senior Member

    I'm not sure for the meaning of "bold" in the original saying. If it means "daring", then the whole thing is:
    Τίποτα τόσο τολμηρό όσο ένα τυφλό άλογο. Or, better: Τίποτα πιό τολμηρό από ένα τυφλό άλογο.
  3. Rivendark New Member

    Yes, it means fearless, daring, courageous etc. :)

    Thank you for the translation :)

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