Notice of Petition To administer estate

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  1. Sinx Member

    hi guys!

    here's the thing......My father's brother is dead ... and a letter was delivered in my house from USA (I live in Guatemala). And it's about "Notice of Petition To Administer Estate"......

    my dad is not in the Estate or Will, the other brother why do you think they sent my dad that letter.

    ps. (The letter was sent to all the brothers in the family(7), my grandma (that means their mom) and widow.

    thanks a lot

    What does "Notice of Petition to Administer Estate" mean in Spanish?
  2. Sinx Member

    please .....i need your opinion what does that mean
  3. Iacintus Member

    Puede ser algo así como "solicitud de petición para administrar propiedad". Es una expresión legal difícil de traducir.
  4. Iacintus Member

    Literalmente: "notificación de demanda para administrar propiedad".
  5. Sinx Member

    ok....thanks a lot

    but still wondering why the my uncle's attoney sent to all the brothers that letter as a copy

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