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I have a form for an employee appraisal. There is a list of tasks that they must fulfill as part of their role. For each task they have to grade their skill level.
I understand the concept but I can't think of an elegant way to express this in English. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Notions / Maîtrise / Autonomie

Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
Basic / Competent / Autonomous
Basic / Medium / Advanced
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    Hello Linguini,

    Basic and intermediate seem fine to me for the first two options.

    Autonomous isn't really the right literal translation here--either advanced or fully competent, perhaps.


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    I am surprised at the French version. It may be different in Europe.

    For instance maîtrise, to me, means command/knowledge and there are different levels of it.

    To use 3 nouns as in the original instead of only adjectives, I suggest (but I'm no native, so please don't shoot the messenger) :
    - Basic knowledge / Good command / Strong proficiency

    If this is too long, then my vote goes to brendhill's suggestion : Satisfactory /Good / Excellent

    I'm not overly fond of the options which are more or less equivalent to : Débutant / Intermédiaire / Avancé
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