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I really need help for this translation because I am stuck with this sentence:
"Notre savoir faire s'étend de la maintenance des souches à la formulation finale du produit, en passant par le contrôle des conditions d'incubation ".
My problem is with the first part "notre savoir faire s'étend de ..." because after I think I can say "from strain maintenance to final formulation of the product through the control of growing conditions".
The context is a leaflet to introduce a company.

  • Keith Bradford

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    The problem is that this is a cliché in French which very often isn't logical (I've seen things like: s'étend de A à B en passant par Z !)

    Perhaps simpler and safer is to use "includes" or "covers". E.g. Our expertise covers all activities including maintenance of strains, control of growing conditions and final formulation of the product.

    Jake Johnson

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    I worry about the logic of the planned translation: it says that the company maintains the strain before the product is formulated. The last part of the sentence is also a little confusing. The syntax suggests that the final formulation of the product is achieved through the control of growing conditions.

    What product is this? Is it something that is literally grown, like a plant or a bacterium? And what does it mean to "maintain a strain"? Is the strain (if this is a strain of bacterium, or something similar) distinct from the product?
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    Jake Johnson, in my context the strain maintainance is done before the product is formulated or even grown (I am talking about a fungus strain).
    I think I like the translation of Keith Bradford, because the idea was to say that we (my company) can handle a production process that includes very hightech and diverse fases.
    Thank you both!
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