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    Term: (A word or expression you have seen in writing)

    Your definition or explanation:
    A play on words from "hotspot", like a "WiFi hotspot" but the opposite, to show something doesn't exist in that particular spot (i.e. no coverage for a mobile phone etc).

    Example: (An example of the term in use)
    Three million UK homes are web Notspots (taken from here)

    One or more places you have seen the term: (Please give URLs/links to web pages, or a full description of a print publication.)

    Etc etc....

    Have you looked for this term or meaning in dictionaries, and not found it? Yes
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    Hi Alex,

    I can see that this term is widely used in the UK but I can't find any instances of this term used on any website from the USA—but then I wasn't very exhaustive...

    Here's another example:

    “There are still people in the UK suffering this very problem, and that's the reason we've launched a broadband notspot site for those who can't get broadband, or those who can only attain very low speeds.”

    Source :

    For more examples of this term:

    And I just discovered here: that there is another term related with broadband failures: slow-spot. Should we add this one too?
  3. Alxmrphi Senior Member

    Reykjavík, Ísland
    UK English
    I think the combination is clear with slow spot, so for the same reason we wouldn't have "red bird" or something in the dictionary, because it's not a unique meaning that can't be understood by easily breaking down the components, for that reason maybe not. With 'notspot' I think it could be a little less clear for a learner, so has more of a need to be put into a dictionary.

    But I'm no lexicographer....
  4. swift

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    Spanish – Costa Rica (Valle Central)
    I agree with you, Alex. The sense of slow-spot seems to be more obvious, so it doesn't really need a new entry.

    Anyway, I like notspot. :) (The word, of course; I actually live in a notspot and that's something you can't like :D)

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