(noun) gives me a sore throat/a cough

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Hi Folks,

Could you please advise if my sentences below are gramatical/do not sound weird?

1) I don't eat ice cream much as it gives me a sorethroat.
2) Candy bars often give me a cough.
  • anthox

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    English - Northeast US
    They are grammatical, yes. Though it would be "sore throat" and not "sorethroat."

    2) sounds weird, but not because of the grammar but because... how? :)

    Sparky Malarky

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    How about when we're talking about a prolonged cough? For example, your body system isnt good enough that when you drink alcohol you'll start coughing for a day or two, can I say "beer gives me a cough"
    If beer makes you cough for several days, then you could say "gives me a cough," but you'd better be prepared to explain this because the situation is quite unusual.
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