nous nous appelons

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  1. Yuukan Senior Member

    Hi I wonder if there is an english translaion to:

    Je m’appelle
    Tu t’appelles
    il / Elle s’appelles
    Nous nous appelons
    Vous vous appelez
    ils / Elle’s appellent

    Is like, My name is....We are...??

    pleas help!

  2. bloomiegirl

    bloomiegirl Senior Member

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    Yes, "Nous nous appelons..." would translate as "Our names are..." :)
    Strictly speaking, "We are..." would be "Nous sommes..." but the two constructions are pretty much equivalent in meaning. ;)
  3. arundhati Senior Member

    French - France
    il/elle s'appelle.
    ils/elles s'appelent.
  4. Yuukan Senior Member

    Thanks for your help and corrections!!


    see you next time

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