nous renonçons donc à le faire valoir

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  • telletubby

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    Sure, but it can't be 'making the most of our balance' can it? In fact the previous sentence states that they have 'reporté' part of the balance due. How about 'making the most of our position?'
    (Thanks for your help on this by the way!)


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    well, if they have "reporté" this balance, it explains why they don't want it (give up) to be valued (credited or debited) on the contract
    that's how I understand it, but maybe the way I express it isn't that good in english !


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    Here's the full text. 'Considérant que les prestations effectuées en Phase 2 ne sont pas complètement terminées, nous pensons que le solde de Eur4000, reporté en Phase 3, peut compenser cette situation. Nous renonçons donc provisoirement à le faire valoir sur la base de l'art 4 du contrat qui nous lie'.


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    Absolutely - in the example given by telletubby it refers to le solde de 4000 €.

    It is real contract lingo which means the company temporarily renounces its right to claim the balance due because the work is not finished. Sounds very much like a builders contract to me.....
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