novedad - always good news?

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    Hi there,

    Does a "novedad" always refer to news that is good? Or can a novedad also refer to bad news? For example, does it sound redundant to say, "buenas novedades"?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Vespre Member

    "Novedad" can refer both to bad or good news. But we never say "buenas novedades". As much, you could say "una novedad buena", in singular.

    ;) I hope it helps you
  3. ksequen

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    Hi solea1717,

    The word "novedad" is neutral.
    For example, you can ask someone: ¿Alguna novedad? (Anything new?)
    And the answer could be a good new or a bad one.

    It's also used to say: Sin novedad. (Nothing's new -or- without any incidents).

    How ever, if you want to say good news, you can say: Buenas noticias. It's more colloquial.

    In addition, as Vespre posted, we usually use "novedad" in singular.
  4. Luis Albornoz

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    Novedad es tan neutro como noticia, pueden ser buenas o malas.
  5. solea1717 Senior Member

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    Thanks a lot!

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