Novedades estudiantiles

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  1. claude beaubois Senior Member

    Good evening to you all English speakers,

    I am translating a Colombian university graduate transcript, at the end of wich there is a note entitled "INFORMACION SOBRE NOVEDADES ESTUDIANTILES", carrying several entries such as:

    - El(la) estudiante no se encuentra matriculado actualmente en la universidad
    - Se autoriza la modificación de nota de la actividad académica XXXX- tesis de maestría en el 2011-I de avance satisfatorio (as) por aprobado (ap). Segun acta XXX de octubre...
    - Segundo período académico de 2011: Completar el ciclo de estudios previsto.

    ...And so on. I would really appreciate your help in translating this title, for it refers to events in the academic life of the student, but I don't know how to put in english those "NOVEDADES ESTUDIANTILES" in that context.

    Thank you!
  2. FromPA

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    "Novedades" can be translated so many ways depending on context. I see that the definitions given in the WR dictionary include "news" and "change." How about "recent student developments"?
  3. claude beaubois Senior Member

    Thank you FromPa, but maybe I was'nt clear enough about the context. It's not about recent developments, but about a series of special situations concerning mostly extraordinary (meaning out of the ordinary/normal standing)situations concerning the enrollment or admission status of the student throughout his studies at the university, the final entry of these "novedades" being about a revision of the grade given to his master's thesis, changed then from "satisfactory progress"(good but not quite passing) to "approved" (passing). Thus the context is that of special events occuring throughout the years at the university:Withdrawal for a semester or a year, retaking studies by special permit, not taking a required course during a semester, taking that course the next semester to get the necessary credit, etc.
  4. ladycool New Member

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    Hi Claude. Based on your description of the meaning of "novedades" here, I might say "Special Circumstances" or "Unique Circumstances."
  5. claude beaubois Senior Member

    Thank you Ladycool, then maybe something like "record /registry of special circumstances in the academic journey" could work?
  6. ladycool New Member

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    That sounds rather formal, but it seems like the document is formal. It definitely makes sense and sounds pretty natural.
  7. LisaPaloma

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    I would use "career" instead of "journey".
  8. claude beaubois Senior Member

    Good point, career is the apopropriate word here. Thank you

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