1. riancharles Senior Member

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    Hola a todos:
    que quiere decir "noviete" (de España) en inglés?

    a "fling"?
    friends with benefits? (aunque se dice amig@ con ventajas)


    se me hace que "fling" es la mejor opción, pero agradezco mucho sus aportes...
    mil gracias,
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  2. Karraspito Senior Member

    Barcelona, Spain
    Spanish from Spain
    "Noviete" means a boyfriend, but not a very formal one. It's not as informal as a friend with benefits, which is only a sex relationship, but it's not as formal as a proper one. Usually it's applied to the relationships you have when you are a teenager or quite young (althoug you can have a "noviete" even being 50). For example, imagine a family having lunch, and the father tells his 20 year old daughter:
    - ¿Y qué, no tienes algún noviete por ahí?
    Also, you could apply it to a boyfriend before the girl considers the relationship serious enough as to introduce him to her parents.
    FYI, remember you can say as well "novieta" (teh femenine form).

    Hope that helps.
  3. riancharles Senior Member

    USA, English
    that helps alot! thanks a ton Karraspito!

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