now at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art [verb?]


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The Best Art of 2016: Fresh Views of Old Masters

Many memorable exhibitions of 2016, several still on view, dealt with the unfamiliar, including “ Valentin de Boulogne : Beyond Caravaggio, ” now at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, a showcase for a painter beloved of art historians but otherwise little known.

What is the verb of the bold part above?
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    The verb is "is". "Valentin de Boulogne: Beyond Caravaggio" is the name of an exhibition which is now on view at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    The practice of shifting the comma into the quoted text makes it less obvious that "now at...of Art" is an apposition.


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    There is no verb in the bolded phrase because that is an adverbial/adjunct and not a clause.

    The main clause has dealt as the verb. Then there is a non-finite clause with a present participle including.

    Cross-posted. I will accept Edinburgher's explanation too, which analyses the bolded bit as a reduced relative clause (which is now at New York's Metropolitan Museum).
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