'Now did you get to know me?'

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< Topic sentence: 'Now did you get to know me?'
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I'm wondering that Is the above sentence would be alright to say?

P.S. I know I could have said, "Have you recongnized me?" but I'm just wondering What If the above sentence is right?
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  • Barque

    That could mean either "Now have you recognised me?" or "Now do you remember me?"

    I wouldn't use "get to know me" here. The phrase "get to know" usually means the process of knowing a person reasonably well.


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    "Now did you get to know me?" strikes me as unintelligible. "How did you get to know me?" is possible, but if person being addressed really has "gotten to know" the speaker, it seems to me that the speaker would know what the process had been—whether they had been co-workers, students at the same school or university, participants in the same organization, neighbors, etc.

    Keep in mind that "get to know" does not mean "recognize" (see Barque's post) but even "Now have you recognized me?" would only apply to some rare situations.
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